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Former Government Attorney Stephen R. Brodsky used to be on the other side, prosecuting cases for the government. He takes all of his knowledge as a former prosecutor and uses it to defend his clients. Because he has a unique ability to see what's coming from the other side, Mr. Brodsky is able to outwit and outmaneuver his opponents who are trying to convict his clients of serious crimes. You deserve the best and most powerful advocate on your side, fighting to protect your freedom, your job and your record. Call 619-231-2151, today, to set up your free confidential meeting with Mr. Brodsky to find out how he can fight for you!

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Defense Practices

As a criminal defense lawyer, Stephen R. Brodsky has experience and is dedicated to serving you in any of the following criminal defense services, and more. If you’re looking for the best criminal attorneys in San Diego – don’t wait. Call us today and let us serve you.

Professional License Defense

Domestic Violence Attorney

DUI / DWI Defense

Drug Crimes

Elder Abuse

Juvenile Defense Services

Probation Violations

Sex Crimes

Bail & Release

Theft Defense

Three Strikes

Violent Crimes


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bieberWatch Mr. Brodsky as legal commentator for a major international television news network commenting on a search warrant executed on Justin Bieber’s home in Los Angeles.

Legal Defense Victories

Below, are just a few of the hundreds of legal victories Stephen R. Brodsky has under his 25+ years of experience defending your rights. With over 100 jury trials, also in his history.

Free Consultation

If you live in San Diego County, California (San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, El Cajon, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, National City, La Mesa), or Riverside County and have been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, you need legal consultation. Call us now for a free consultation before you are arraigned. We will help you protect your record and your freedom.

Jury Trials

Stephen R. Brodsky has over 100 jury trials in his history. He has waged battle against the police and the district attorney and has produced many not guilty verdicts at trial to protect his clients’ freedom and reputations. Don’t delay in getting the kind of superior and expert help you need to protect your life and secure your freedom. Here are just a few of the jury victories:

  • 21 year-old Navy seaman, accused of smuggling 200 pounds of Marijuana across the border. Federal Court
  • 32 year-old Border Patrol agent, accused of assaulting a neighbor with a gun. San Diego Superior Court.
  • 43 year-old Mexican national charged with cocaine possession. San Diego Superior Court
  • 38 year-old San Diego man charged with a DUI. Not Guilty in San Diego Superior Court

Pre-File Victories

Attorney Stephen R. Brodsky has time and time again created defense strategies that have prevented criminal charges from being filed. Pre-file cases that are victories, are often rejected cases. Your case can be rejected by the district attorneys office, and no charges will be filed against you.

  • 21 year old naval officer arrested for felony domestic violence.
  • 23 year old college student arrested for felony domestic violence.
  • 26 year old Marine arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence.
  • SDSU student accused of Identity Theft.
  • Hispanic Gang member accused of drive by shooting.
  • 22 year old graduate student accused of rape.
  • Hit and Run- 25 year old Army Veteran
  • Domestic violence – 30 year old Mechanical Engineer
  • Domestic violence – 42 year old business owner
  • 24 Year old college student, domestic violence
  • 25 Year old Naval Personnel, domestic violence pre-file
  • 31 Year old Government Employee, accused of domestic violence


With his extensive experience, he has created defense strategies that have resulted in the complete dismissal of criminal charges. Here are just a few of the dismissal victories our office has one for the freedom of citizens.

  • 34 year-old San Diego man charged with threatening to shoot an FBI agent.
  • 21 year-old San Diego man charged with DUI.
  • 47 year-old Las Vegas man charged with threatening to blow up airplane at the San Diego airport.
  • 21 year-old Marine charged with Rape.

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At the Law Offices of Stephen R. Brodsky, we have a team of experienced professional investigators and experts to help prepare a winning defense strategy on your behalf, whether you need to defend a domestic violence charge or drug crime such as possession or use of an illegal substance or juvenile crimes.

*Jennifer Patterson, M.S. Counseling Psychology, often works as part of a defense team on behalf of clients represented by Stephen R. Brodsky’s law firm; however, Ms. Patterson is an independent contractor and is not employed by and does not work under the direction or control of the Law Offices of Stephen R. Brodsky.


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