Your Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Domestic Violence laws in California have become increasingly more severe over the last twenty years. The prosecutor offices are funded by special interest groups that place a lot of pressure on law enforcement and prosecutors to charge and prosecute people alleged to have committed domestic violence.

Prosecutors routinely seek convictions in cases with very little evidence and without cooperation of the alleged victim.This has resulted in enormous numbers of wrongful convictions and destroyed lives. A domestic violence conviction can cost you your job, military career, custody of your children, and even your freedom.

At My Criminal Defense, we make it our priority to level the playing field with the police and prosecutors in domestic violence cases. We start fighting these cases early and collect evidence of our clients’ innocence which often results in the rejection or dismissal of criminal charges.

We employ only the most experienced attorneys, professional investigators and experts on our domestic violence defense teams and that is why our record of success is so exceptional. If you get charged with a domestic violence crime, please do not procrastinate, because time is truly of the essence in building a strong and successful defense.

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