Your Driving Crime Defense Lawyers

Ordinary minor traffic offenses are considered infractions. They do not not rise to the level of criminal activity. These violations have relatively minor consequences, such as fines, or increased insurance premiums.

But, serious Driving Crimes are often charged as misdemeanors or felonies. Conviction can involve consequences such as large fines, incarceration, losing your job or professional license, and will go on your criminal record. If you are arrested or cited for a Driving Crime, you need to consult an attorney experienced in the field.

At My Criminal Defense, we make it our priority to level the playing field with the police and prosecutors in Driving Crime cases. We start fighting these cases early and collect evidence of our clients’ innocence which often results in the rejection or dismissal of criminal charges. We employ only the most experienced attorneys, professional investigators and experts on our Driving Crime defense teams and that is why our record of success is so exceptional.

If you get charged with a Driving Crime, please do not procrastinate, because time is truly of the essence in building a strong and successful defense. Please call My Criminal Defense Today for a free confidential consultation.